Young library patron: “What’s the Saturday craft today?”
Me: “I believe we’re making hedgehogs out of clay.”
(I scramble to locate flier) “Yeah, ‘prickly clay hedgehogs.’ It’s at 2.”
YLP crosses room: “Mom, it’s prickly clay hedgehogs.”

Don’t you wish you were there? Making your own hedgehog? Let me tell you, you stick a few toothpicks in a lump of clay and wow, that’s some powerful stuff.

There’s a sign I keep driving past in Ladd’s Addition (addition to what? It’s right in the middle of the city. Maybe it wasn’t always…) that’s advertising (I assume) a coffee cart (although on the weekend there is no coffee in sight) and it says, proudly: “Helping youth through coffee.”

Do they get to drink a lot? Do the proceeds go to the youth? Do the youth sell the coffee?
(Do I have enough parenthetical remarks?)