I have, as certain friends can testify, the capability of polishing off even slightly stale chocolate cake. Picture this, then, dear reader: me, your faithful blogger, alone in the apartment. In the fridge resides a delicious chocolate cake, as well as some (if I do say so myself) delicious tiramisu. What do you imagine will happen?

I just realized that I came home, turned on the heat and Cowboy Junkies, and sat down at my computer without so much as taking off my coat. Let’s blame this on the still-cold air rather than an addiction, shall we?

Hmm. I tried to have an amusing anecdote happen to me today but it didn’t work. Sorry.

At church today I was composing ads for Orthodox publications proclaiming the benefits of slings. No, I don’t have a child. But I was wearing a sling, with a sleeping child in it, and making up ads. You know, “No need to retreat to the cry room! Participate fully while you wear the XYZ sling and you and your child can worship in comfort!” Ha. But really. It stopped my arms from falling off. I suppose I could have given Q. to her mom, but don’t you think they spend enough time together as it is? I’m very selfish about holding my god-daughter in church. Ooh, I can add that to my confession next time!

(FYI: god-daughter’s name doesn’t really start with a Q. But it’s a much better abbreviation than A., don’t you think?)