That’s what time it is. And I’m not sleepy. Blame it on the chocolate cake.

I feel a little silly talking about myself because at this point, who’s reading the blog? My friends. Yup. Hi!

But maybe you could learn something, yes? My deepest darkest secrets? Oh wait, what happened to the white board analogy? So no secrets.

A few things about myself:
1. I haven’t balanced my checkbook in months.
2. I’m having an affair with the New Yorker.
3. Children’s books make me cry. Frequently.
4. I dislike children’s books where an animal dies and you’re supposed to feel sad.
5. Unless said animal talks or in any way acts like a human.
6. I sleep on a futon because I’m too lazy to buy a real bed.
7. I don’t have to pay late fees at the library.
8. I was born into a cult.

Let’s stop before we get too interesting, shall we?