I’ve been having a lazy morning – sleeping in, sitting around in my pajamas, drinking coffee (Batdorf and Bronson – if you’re not drinking B&B, why not? The delicious Holiday Blend has gone the way of the holidays, but you could still be enjoying some Dancing Goats or Omar’s. Give it a try. I’m no coffee snob, but this stuff is good. Also, while we’re in a parentheses, a little shout-out to the girls who made this morning’s coffee experience all it could be – Tyka, for introducing B&B into our home and fueling a cream addiction, and Town for bringing us to the B&B mecca in Oly. And while we’re talking B&B, if you’re ever in the lovely City of Roses, go to the Yarn Garden, fill your arms with wool, and go next door to their new coffee shop which makes…B&B!)

Where was I? Oh yeah, so I said to myself as I started the coffee, ‘Self, you’re being so lazy this morning.’ But then I realized – it’s okay. For the following reasons:
1. This is my 8th consecutive day of work. In a 12 day work-week.
2. Today is a holiday. A holiday on which job 1 (the corporation that provides me with health care) doesn’t stop working but job 2 (the fair suburby city I grew up in) does. So, only 4 hours of work today!

I hate hate getting off work at 9 – if I didn’t love job 2 I would be tempted to stop – but it makes mornings like this possible. Laziness and coffee and not trying to merge into morning traffic.

I’m going to try and come up with a good story to tell, folks. It might take me a while.