So, I have a few minor obsessions. Sometimes I like to pretend I have OCD, but with the help of Town and the DSM-IV, we’ve discovered it more resembles obsessive-compulsive personality disorder. Still, I don’t really have. So we can add ‘pretending to have OCD to my list of obsessions.

At the moment, the list includes, but is not limited to:
-Lemony Snicket
-closing cupboard doors that other people leave open (maybe a compulsion?)
-picture books
-lighting (an acquired habit, courtesy of the Lighting and Thermostat Queen)
-Dansko clogs
-reading aloud from the New Yorker
-reading aloud in general
-reading blog archives

And folks, we’re fresh out of obsessions at the moment.

Someone just came to our door looking for the couple that used to live here. He didn’t have their phone number anymore, but felt like dropping by and seemed a little crushed when I answered the door (still wearing half of my uniform) (and normal clothes on the other half, don’t worry folks). Good luck! Hope you find them.

Another item of note is that I’ve just become aware of the existence of a secret blog. Shh…
Time to be domestic and prepare a tasty supper!