I’m eating some carrots for a snack at work. I have snack time, did you know that? Doesn’t it sound like kindergarten? But that’s what I call my breaks – snack time. Because that’s what they’re for. My schedule is wonky enough that some days I can squeeze in lunch before leaving for job 1 at 12:30, but sometimes I’m just not hungry then. So I take my break about now and have a snack. Then I go to job 2 at dinner time, or what would be dinner time if I didn’t have this weird schedule and 2 jobs. Because both are part-time, neither one gives me a real lunch break on these split days. So then about 7 or 8 pm, I have another snack at job 2. All this snacking can really take it out of you and I come home hungry/tired at 9 pm.

But the carrots – let’s not forget the carrots. Tyka and I played hosts for an impromptu beer tasting last night. And by beer tasting, I mean there was swirling, sniffing, tasting, and discussion happening right in our living room. We even joined in and wrinkled our noses and offered opinions. My contribution to the evening? “This one tastes like carrots. Bad carrots. You know, when it’s too big and you get down to the bottom and it’s a little bitter and you wish you still had some of the yummy thin part to get the flavor out of your mouth?” I thought they should say that it had “a forward flavor of aged carrots” in their write-up.