Just moments ago I tried to comment, in a friendly and generous fashion, on someone else’s blog. I received this error message: ‘Your comment was denied for questionable content.’ I searched my comment for any possible innuendo, but I’m at a loss folks. Maybe my comment just wasn’t exciting enough.

It’s a known fact that I laugh a lot. Sometimes too much. But mostly I laugh when no one else is laughing. People ask ‘what’s so funny?’ But if you didn’t already see it, you won’t think it’s funny when I tell you. Sorry. I also like to take things out of context to make them funnier. Yeah, true, it messes with my ‘serious, reserved and quiet’ image, but really I’m thinking of ditching that. Where has it gotten me? Elected to the Women’s Group executive committee at church. By ‘elected,’ I mean there were 5 people who volunteered, and 5 positions to fill. I felt really honored when those ballots came in.

Another fact is that I get a kick out of shocking people, which is probably why I’ve kept the ‘serious, reserved and quiet’ image around. Because what’s more fun than shattering people’s perceptions? They see: Women’s Group, Sunday School teacher, responsible worker. They don’t see: me and roomie with wine in hand, Saturday night, bemoaning the fact that we don’t have lesson plans for the next day’s Sunday school. Okay, that’s not really shocking. I can do better…the cult thing. I like to drop that into conversations. Or swearing unexpectedly – that still works on tyka.

Wow, I’m not really all that shocking, come to think of it. I’ve just shattered my own perceptions of myself. A big day and it’s not even 10 o’clock yet. But really, I swear, I do laugh at all the wrong times! That’s still true!