I’m inside. I want to be outside. But I’m at work and outside is a business park – ie, ugly. Oh, but the sunshine! Only two more hours and then I’m released into the wild. For a few hours at least, in an odd break between jobs. Then I can walk in freedom in my yuppie neighborhood. Have I mentioned how much I love my neighborhood? Much.

I’m within four blocks of such delights as the “friendliest” grocery store in Portland, a great coffee shop, Grand Central Bakery, a library (which I do not use, since I already spend half my working life in a library, but I could use it if I wanted to), a Thai restaurant, a big park…Not to mention Furbish! Oh Furbish, how I love your name. Furbish itself is really boring – janitorial supplies – but the name! In an ideal world, there would be two little shops who lived next door to each other. And their names would be Garish & Tweed and Furbish. In the not-so-ideal world, Furbish is my neighbor. And I’m not a shop, just a blog, that occasionally gets written near Furbish.

Back to my neighborhood – I will partake of its joys this afternoon. I will stroll, I will frolic. I will soak up some Vitamin D (does one soak Vitamin D? Enlighten me).

I think my 10 minute break was over a few minutes ago.