Eating out alone: yea or nay?

I’ve always been fine with eating out alone, but I know people who think of it as something to be avoided at all costs. But come on, my book is going to keep me company whether I’m at my own table with leftovers or sitting next to strangers at the baggage carousel of sushi.

Plus my inner non-conformist enjoys going out alone on a Friday night. Nice fat book tucked under my arm. And you can squeeze into the weird little spots along the carousel. Get your salmon fix.

I’m a little low on the wit and banter today, folks. As you can see below, today got off to a great start. It got even better when I realized by body is giving in to Round Three of The Cold/Flu. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will cure this (like water off a duck’s back! Get away from me!)

I’m on the red couch with Tyka’s laptop and some throat coat tea. Oh, did I just figure out how easy links are? I sure did! Now if we can just get this blog rolling…one step at a time, people, one step at a time! And the internets will be mine! I’m also listening to Ryan Adams courtesy of poppymom and her musical selections (because I’m too damn lazy to get off this couch and put on a CD).

If I survive the night, I plan on doing the following tomorrow:
1. making an apple oven pancake. Eggy, appley goodness
2. purchasing yarn in a shade known as aubergine, in order to finish a scarf and reclaim my knitting needles
3. cleaning relics of our childhoods out of a closet, with my sister (I had the urge to turn “sister” into a link, but what could I link her to? Ahh…how about this, middle child of my heart?)
4. sleeping in, with a clear conscience.