For those of you who get a kick out of me swearing…you SO should’ve been around when I woke up this morning. You would’ve had a field day.

7:30 am – when I’m supposed to get up, in order to shower and eat breakfast.
8:00 am – when I normally leave for work on Fridays.
8:30 am – when I normally arrive at work on Fridays, being the person with the key.
9:00 am – when I’m supposed to unlock the door at work with aforementioned key.
Proceed with day.

But no, today looked more like this:
8:50 am – awaken. Take note of sunlight coming through window.
8:51 am – swear profusely.
8:52-:55 am – begin calling people – my manager, the business park, dispatch. Explain situation in croaky morning voice. Repeat.
8:55-9:00 am – brush teeth, dress, run to car. Begin lamenting lack of morning shower, breakfast, and ability to wake up in time.
9:00-9:20 am – drive recklessly whilst engaging in inane conversations with myself. Berate fellow drivers.
9:22 am – open doors.

Can I go to bed now? Too bad I have to close tonight, too.

Anyone wanna have sushi with me?