Because I’m feeling organized (what’s new?):

I performed my libations by:
1. finally showering. It’s not like I was all dirty and smelly (although no one was around to tell me if I was) and as a whole I think we shower too much, but I’d like to take this opportunity to offer up my sincere appreciation for Indoor Plumbing and Hot Water. I’d also like to thank Weekends Off, which made this shower possible through a grant of Sleeping In and Free Time. (Resolution #4)

2. partaking in a leisurely pot of B&B, my Saturday morning libation of choice. Even though all that cream probably wasn’t good for my cold.

I also successfully completed Resolution #1 by baking and consuming a slice of heaven. Well, several slices. Well, all of it. Gradually.

For those of you who Love Mail, this is the book for you. It is based on, and I quote, A True Story about Boxes. What could be more charming? Read it. Read it to someone else. Repeat. (Cause that’s what we do here.)

While we’re on the topic of shipping, let’s talk about why delivery persons see fit to hide boxes in our recycling bin. Yes, it prevents passers-by from thinking ‘I wish that was for me – let’s take it!’ but it could also prevent us, the intended recipients, from discovering said box. I was awoken the other morning by a banging on my door, I rushed in my pajamas to see who it was, I shouted after the courier (“HEY!!”) lest he depart with any packages requiring signatures, and he informed me that it was in the overturned recycling bin. Where it would have remained until the next recycling day, alone and sad. Possibly molding, although we’ve been short on rain. Fortunately, the next time this happened (with the competition company) I was already onto their tricks. What was in the box? Natural goodness.

This entry brought to you by the melodic sounds of our washer and Cowboy Junkies (why is it that I can only handle listening to one of their albums?)