Not really. It’s more like a pan of vegan chocolate chip bars (which received rave reviews from the women of the church! We’re easy to impress during Lent) for the potluck dessert tomorrow.

Let’s recap: I made these for the first time on Sunday, in a last minute panic when Tyka remembered we were supposed to bring a dessert to the gathering. A request was put in that I bring them to our patronal feast tomorrow. Okay, sure, I said. Then, as I ducked out of organizational duties for the next women’s gathering, I managed to get stuck with another baking commitment. “Why don’t you bring those brownies again?” our president asked.

That’s 3. Three pans of vegan-ness. Plus the pan (new and improved! with cocoa and shredded coconut!) I made for us to eat this week. I’m swimming in these things. I think I have the recipe memorized. But really, unless you’re vegan or pretending to be vegan, they’re not that great. The secret’s out.

I might have to go eat one while I wait.

For the record, coffee’s starting to sound really good. We’ve been considering, Pocket darling, and we want to indulge in B&B on Saturday. I think we’ll be able to pursuade you, but just for a little advance warning…

And to finish up, some words! More words! and phrases! that I have an inexplicable hankering to see used more or that give me great joy:

sprinkle me with hyssop
secret eating, idle talking & frivolous laughter
repose from the burdens of our much toiling flesh
now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace
a desolate land, trackless and waterless

There’s a great part in Barbara Kingsolver’s Poisonwood Bible where one of the girls says that “mother had a pagan’s appreciation of the Bible.” And she lists all these phrases that her mother loves. I like to think that I have a writer’s appreciation of the Bible, and church music. Sometimes it’s distracting, most of the time I love it. I can’t stop these things from coming out my mouth in unrelated conversations. All these words! Mine to use!