1. Realize at 4 pm that it’s your last day working at that location.
2. Try to find any belongings you might have strewn around in the past 14 months.
3. Drive home and have The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants bring a little tear to your eye.
4. Another tear springs to your eye as you and rooomie move futon to car in most inefficient style possible, squeezing yourselves and futon through door frame simultaneously. Laugh. Drop futon.
5. Spend Friday night at church (6:30-11 pm).
6. Begin service by watching grown men (the visiting bishop, a new reader) ceremoniously dressed in church.
7. Sing “Eis Polla Eti Dhespota”* (a special something you sing only when the bishop is there) which could mean “hey, thanks for coming,” “mad props,” or “it took a while to get you dressed! Look at that hat!”
8. Quietly sing alternate version of “Nespola, eti Nespola!” to self, which means “let’s commemorate that visit to Genova when we at the mysterious nespola fruit and it reminded us of what we sing to the bishop!”
9. Feel all those little corners in yourself, the ones that felt kind of empty the night before, start to fill up. All those little things that felt missing? They’re not anymore.
10. Return home to sweep, nap, and await Townpocket’s arrival.
11. Stay up till 2 talking, reading storypeople.
12. Fall asleep talking.

*”Many years, Master” in (possibly?) Greek