Questions from beege:

1. As a writer, I know that you savor the flavor of words. What is your favorite word? If I were being goofy, I would say ‘seabiscuit.’ Because it just rolls off the tongue in such a delightful way. Doesn’t it? A more serious answer would be, say, ‘loving-kindness’ (and don’t you dare tell me it’s two words!) because a) it sounds good and b) it means good. It’s all we need.

2. What book could you not live without (and if the answer is “the Bible” pick another one, OK? ‘Cuz that’s sort of a given.)? I probably use the dictionary more than any other specific book. Boring, huh? But true. It would frustrate me most to be without a dictionary.

3. So, um, when do you celebrate Easter? This year? May 1. Why? #6 is a decent explanation, but basically it’s just damn confusing. Calendars are confusing. I think it’s to remind us that we don’t know as much as we think we know.

4. What gives you peace? You know that deep down peace that just gives you that serene glow, and absolutely no shit can touch you for just a little while. That kind of peace. A lot of things. Holding my god-daughter is a guarantee. A lot of times in church, like Friday night (#9). A lot of times when I least expect it. Conversations with friends where we really get each other.

5. What is your favorite article of clothing and why? Dansko clogs. Do those count? I say they do.

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