Reading Toni’s post got me thinking about a couple things: what you reveal about yourself when you write (and specifically, when you blog), and what you intend to say as compared to what people perceive you saying.

Like many others, I suffer from hard-to-read disease. Which is part of the reason that I thought blogging would be good for me – forcing me to express myself publicly. Even so, I’m surprised at things I’ve found myself writing about. I’m constantly thinking “I didn’t know I had THAT to say” or “I never thought I’d write about THAT when I started blogging.” Like all the church stuff. Never part of my agenda. But I can’t stop myself from writing about things like that, because that’s who I am. I do realize, though, that because I choose what to write here, I could present a very skewed picture of myself. I probably am.

So I want to ask some of the same questions as Toni: what gets communicated in my blog? If you know me, have you been surprised by anything? If you know me but have never met me, does it change your perception? How?

I’m also curious because there are several people whose blogs I now read regularly who I also know in different online formats, and reading their blogs HAS changed my perception of them. Not drastically, but it has, if only because it helps me know them better.