This is an obligatory ‘why am I awake?’ type thing. Why hasn’t my brain shut down yet? Why? I guess I only got home from work three hours ago, so it’s not unreasonable. Also, today involved coffee. Delicious coffee. Even though the coffee occurred nearly 13 hours ago, I shall blame it, in part, for my wakefulness.

I was just doing some commenting and realized, hey, I kinda feel like writing.


I just had to say that. I think the caps are justified. My love is deep & abiding, like my love of the postal service.

Maybe the reason I’m not ready for bed yet is that I haven’t debriefed. Well folks, I’m here to debrief. When I got home from work, I was too busy shoving food in my face to talk to my rooomie in the brief moment before she put her sick self in bed. I think that’s why I don’t want to live alone. I guess I’d start calling people at bedtime if I did live alone. Actually, I need to start calling people more. Maybe I should live alone.

Tyka’s near death experience has affected me profoundly. It’s made me come to terms with the fact that I’m mortal and that I, too, need a will. I don’t want any fighting when I’m dead.

If I preceed tyka to ‘the other room,’ she may have: my half of the red couch, all of the chocolate in the house, & any Nikki McClure artwork in my possession.

Toni shall have my red pants. For keeps. She’s already got her some Nikki.

My letters & notebooks shall be in the care of Bee, to be compiled & published with her own in many many volumes after sufficient time has passed.

To Sophie, my tea collection as a tribute to many happy evenings.

My kitchenware can be fought over by my mom & sister, with the exception of the avocado slicer, which shall be in my mother’s sole possession (just a tip, but it’s not shaped like an avocado – it doesn’t work!)

To my brother, I leave any electronics, to be disassembled and recreated as he sees fit.

To Maren, Laurel, Lis & Toni I leave the fruit bowl and the vacuum. You know why.

My picture books I leave to Q. Use them well.

Tyk has already tried to give away my guitar & Narnia books to her brother. He can have the guitar, but Q. has dibs on Narnia.

To Laurel, my bed, so that she call collapse on it any time she wants to.

[Back with more later – hold your breath!]