Do you think it’s appropriate to wear boldly striped socks to church? (You don’t have to answer, I’m guessing anyone who reads this will say YES!) Because I’m going to. The ones you saw yesterday. And for the record, I only wore them briefly yesterday. And I’ve started this thing where I wear striped socks to the library whenever possible. You know, kids + fun socks. Except the only people who comment on my socks are my coworkers.

(I think I need to remember how to write in complete sentences. Wretch that I am.)

This is the plan for today: I’m working the afternoon at the library, and at some point Tyka shall visit me and we shall peruse the section on adoption books. Doesn’t that make it sound like we’re thinking of adopting? Surprise! Actually, the point is for her to get a sense of the books that are out there, aimed at adopted kids.

Then, I shall proceed to church and the final and glorious Pre-Sanc, followed by Unction, which is usually the point when it hits me. Whoa. It’s really Holy Week. (Beege, you don’t even want to know how many services I’m skipping. You’d faint dead away – not me skipping, but the number.)

One of my favorite things about church is all the connections between people. For instance, Tyka and Ann-the-speed-reader (wouldn’t it be great if there were a St. Ann the Speed Reader? Like Rufus the Obedient and Zachariah the Recluse?*) have the same godmother, who happens to have been my kindergarten teacher. Or, Q is my god-daughter. I’ve known her mom, K since we were 2. Before our respective sets of parents met, my dad and K’s mom went on a date. Stuff like that.

*I could talk for a really long time about hilarious saints’ names. Is that appropriate to Holy Week? Oh well. Here’s some (saints and various things that are noted on the church calendar) that make me chuckle:**

John the Cave Dweller
Onesimus the Apostle
First & Second Finding of the Venerable Head of John the Baptist (oops! we lost it! let’s go look for it again!)
Alexios the “Man of God” (the “” make it look sarcastic)
Hilarion the New
Simon the Zealot
Third Finding of the Precious Head of St. John the Baptist (really, we’ve got to keep better track of this…)
Sampson the Hospitable
Cyrus and John the Unmercenaries (as opposed to the ones who were mercenaries)
Lupus the Martyr and Slave
Carpus and Papylus
John the Merciful
Daniel the Stylite

You get the idea.

**And at the same time I chuckle, I deeply respect their sanctity. It’s a delicate art.

-jessmonster, the holy & mercenary blogger