Even though I have not been with you, blogging, be encouraged that you have been with me. I have mentally composed many a blog over the past few days, and I fear I shall never get them all out.

There was much standing in church. There was much singing, and much laughing. Tyka and I are working on a series of faux troparia for your enjoyment. We intend to cover such topics as: banana peels, virginity, the head of John the Baptist, bridal chambers, and so forth.

We’ve noticed that there’s an awful lot of singing about bridal chambers. “I see thy bridal chamber…” which makes sense. In that one it’s a place we want to go. Bridal chambers are good things, right? I wouldn’t know, but I assume so. But then there’s “Jonah lept forth from the monster as from a bridal chamber.” Well, I sure don’t want a bridal chamber if it’s like being swallowed by a sea monster for three days! Huh. We’re presented with a very conflicting picture here.

Tyka and I were planning a joint blog yesterday, which will perhaps still come to pass, but I guess it won’t be a Good Friday blog anymore. We never managed to sit down together. Contrary to what it seems, we don’t really live together. We just pass like ships in the night. If we didn’t blog, I’m not sure how we’d keep in touch.

Part of the problem yesterday was the napping. There was a lot of napping happening and we just didn’t plan it right. Speaking of naps, that will be the activity that follows this blog. You know, to balance that whole staying up all night thing that will happen tonight.

To be continued…