Ah, that’s me.

Two things I forgot:

I almost told two different groups of people about my blog on Sunday. Almost. It just happened. In both situations it would have been so easy to say either “let me show you the cute pictures of Q on my blog! Oh yeah, I have a blog. You know, a website thingy.” Or, in the second situation, a conversation ABOUT BLOGS, “yeah, I have one.” I’m not quite sure why I didn’t. The first group was my family, who would enjoy it if they read it, but probably wouldn’t check in very often. The second was with Q’s parents and some friends, who would also enjoy parts of this blog (geez, I hope I don’t someday tell them about it and they come here and read this and think “wow, she really flatters herself to think we’d like it! What a waste of our time!”) (But I also wasn’t sure how Q’s mama would feel about pictures of her being on the internet. It made me feel like I should have asked first, but that would require admitting to blogging, that shameful activity.) But you know, I think what stopped me was that what I write here is one part of my personality, and I think it would surprise some people to see it. Not shock them, but surprise them. But part of the whole reason I decided to give this a try was to become more comfortable sharing my writing, and this side of me. This writing side, and what comes out when I write. So I almost wish I HAD said something. Thoughts? Especially those of you who know the people I’m referring to?

Did I say two things? I can’t remember the other one.

Oh! Pigtails! I’m addicted. As you may have noticed, all recent photos are of me in pigtails. Soon, I think, my hair will spring forth fully formed in pigtails when I emerge from the shower. I’m just too lazy to do anything else. And Annie, don’t be jealous, but I had a customer at work, who was Indian, tell me that my hair looks very Indian this way and complement me on it. Okay, be jealous.