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1. I have a personal bubble
2. But please, come right in. I’ve been meaning to get rid of this thing for ages, but you know, it’s hard to get things done. Just ignore it.
3. I’m mean.
4. I like to sleep with the window open.
5. I hate going to bed when I can hear birds singing.*
6. I was born into a cult.
7. The smell of beeswax reminds me of first grade.
8. My brother was born the day I graduated from second grade.
9. We didn’t have a TV until I was 7.
10. I used to regularly dance until my toes bled.
11. I wore hideous glasses until halfway through high school.
12. I stole a raincoat from my mom and took it to six countries with me.
13. I used to belong to 4-H, the cooking and sewing kind.
14. The only thing I sewed was an apron and the strings were twice as long as they should be.
15. I am a classic oldest child.
16. So are most of my friends.
17. I try to write at least a little bit every day (as the New Yorker cartoon says, showing kids with sidewalk chalk).
18. I’ve only ever lived alone for two months.
19. At the time, I housesat, worked part-time, and didn’t do much else.
20. I’ve only had my own room for seven years of my life.
21. Four being before my sister was born.
22. I miss falling asleep talking to someone.
23. I own more books than fit on my shelves.
24. Children’s books make me cry.
25. But I keep buying more.
26. I laugh at things that no one else laughs at.
27. Sometimes I don’t realize this until someone asks me “what’s so funny?”
28. I learned to knit in second grade.
29. I still have the needles that I made from dowel rods.
30. And my original knitting bag. It’s hideous.
31. I like to make scarves. Ask and ye shall receive.
32. I lived in Galway, Ireland for two months, with Bee.
33. We were starving artists.
34. I lived in London for 3 months, in the lap of luxury.
35. My housing was down the street from where Virginia Woolf was born.
36. And had a view of Hyde Park.
37. I went to Greece and crossed it off my master to-do list.
38. I love lists. Which is probably why I’m doing this instead of sleeping.
39. I make a horrible night owl.
40. I’m going to bed and I’ll finish this tomorrow.
41. I’m back.
42. The best Easter candy is the malt egg. It is a thing of wonder.
43. I’m drawn to bookshelves when I visit people, and titles like “Books That Build Character.”
44. Then I like to have a “have you read this?” “what about this?” conversation with anyone who’s willing.
45. Particularly regarding children’s books.
46. I love my neighborhood.
47. Sometimes I go to the park and swing.
48. I’m a writer.
49. If you tell me a story and I like it, there’s a chance it could end up in a story. Just warning you.
50. I stole the name “The Magic Bean” from a restaurant in Ecuador, and used it as a coffee shop name in a story.
51. I’ve never been to Ecuador.
52. I majored in English.
53. I would’ve minored in Art History except they wouldn’t let me. I could’ve minor in Art, but that would involve doing art. And not the kind that uses words.
54. There’s this museum? In London? That used to be a man’s house, in, like, the 18th century? And it’s crammed full of sculptures and sarcophagi and paintings and mirrors? And I can’t remember what it’s called? But oh, how I loved it. Especially the convex mirrors.
55. I love things that are red. Like our couch. And the pants that Toni “borrows” from me. And this.
56. My toes are often cold.
57. A condition which is nicely remedied by a hot water bottle.
58. When I visited Bee & Soph, I had a cold and guilt-tripped Bee into lending me her hot water bottle.
59. I am eternally grateful to her, a true friend.
60. I lean towards obsessive-compulsive personality disorder, but my desk is a mess.
61. I love to organize things.
62. Did I mention that I work at a library? Yeah. I love to organize things.
63. When I was nine, I told my mom that I wanted to work at a library.
64. I became their record youngest volunteer.
65. Then I decided that even though I love libraries, it wasn’t where I wanted to work forever.
66. Then I graduated from college and went back to the nine-year-old mindset.
67. Now I work at the same library I volunteered at. With a lot of the same people.
68. I have two favorite parts – when people ask for recommendations, and they get excited when you show them things, and…
69. Picking out books for displays, and then needing to refill the display because they got checked out.
70. I’m terrified of losing my teeth when I’m old.
71. I have a few gray hairs.
72. I’ve been told I look like my dad more than my mom, my mom but not really my dad, and both of my grandmothers.
73. I met one grandmother once, when I was three. I’ve never seen her since. She’s still alive, apparently.
74. The other grandmother made my sister and I dresses twice a year, for Easter and Christmas, and we adored them.
75. Until the Alzheimer’s got bad, she and her husband came to visit and took my sister and I to the beach with them.
76. I can eat dangerous quantities of ice cream.
77. I startle people who think I’m shy by busting out some sarcasm.
78. One of my favorite things about my god-daughter is when she suddenly looks pissed off just because you looked at her.
79. I used to live in a house with a chapel and a sacrificial altar.
80. That was in college.
81. When I was a kid, in the cult, my parents had a communion kit.
82. We used matzo bread.
83. I tasted matzo bread in college and had flashbacks.
84. When I first read the Chronicles of Narnia, I was convinced they were true stories (aren’t they??) and had day dreams about running into the Pevensie kids and recognizing them (natch) and saying “I know. I know about Narnia. You don’t need to hide anything from me. I understand.
85. I want a house with a porch when I grow up.
86. I also want to acquire a green thumb and have a riotous garden.
*87. Not because I hate birds, but because it means I stayed up WAAAY too late.
88. That happened ALL the time in Ireland.
89. This may be unrelated, but in Galway we thought up this ruined cathedral. And in an eerie, but unsurprising at the time, mind meld, we both thought “no birds.”
90. Then we separately went to Tintern Abbey. “No birds.” Although, naturally, there were. Birds.
91. I have a fondness for inside jokes.
92. Not to exclude people, but they’re hard to explain. I’ve kind of given up on the explaining. But I love the way they’re an instant link to the past.
93. I often can’t tell if something happened in real life or in a dream, and I don’t realize it was a dream until something in real life proves to be contrary to what happened in the dream.
94. I don’t like the phrase “mind meld.” I apologize for using it, but I couldn’t think of anything else.
95. I was going to watch a movie tonight, but I did this instead. Aren’t I a good, self-obsessed blogger?
96. I love photographs, especially from my childhood.
97. I sleep on my stomach or in the fetal position.
98. I’m a late bloomer.
99. I write letters. It gets me through a lot.
100. I don’t like endings.

The new duvet, not fuzzy, in my very own room Posted by Hello

Katy has brought undying shame to our household.

She has absconded the tights. You know what I’m talking about, Town. Only you can feel my sorrow. Lucky are you without roommates to steal your tights.

At least she has left me with the earrings.

I drank too much coffee. Well, just two tiny cups. But I can feel it coursing through my veins. This is what happens after you don’t drink coffee regularly for over a month. I have this urge to run to the B&B-offering coffee shop next to the Yarn Garden (I refuse to call said coffee shop by name), drink myself into oblivion, and then buy a ton of yarn. Except, I’m in the middle of a project and have plenty of yarn. But they’re having a sale! This weekend!

Other things are happening this weekend! Like Mother’s Day (must confer with siblings on gift purchase – which is nearly impossible now that the three of us live at three different locations) and a Young Ladies’ Tea. Yes, that’s right folks. We’s havin the younguns over to party. I painstakingly handwrote invitations to ten girls from church, and painstakingly mailed them. And now I am painstakingly accepting RSVPs. I love the sound of a seven-year-old’s RSVP in my voicemail. “I can only stay for 45 minutes because I have a dance recital, but I kind of wish I could stay longer.”

I slept under my splendid new duvet cover last night. It’s an inspiration to make my bed in the morning, so I can see it all spread out. I’m using the quilt-style side up right now, but I also have a deep & bizarre fondness for the pink side. I say bizarre because, until recently, I’ve never been a pink person. I’ve never loved pink things. But it called out to me at the fabric store. I now own: a pink duvet cover, a pink shirt, a pink skirt, and pink socks, plus there’s a pink dress that will never fit me hanging over my desk chair. And by ‘never fit me’ I mean it’s size 2-3 years.

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