Sometimes little things happen when you’re out and about, like people doing odd things in coffee shops, and I think “I could blog about this.” But I also always wonder, when I do blog about real, random people, what would they think if they found it? What would he think? The gentleman who, rather than asking me (lost in letter writing and unaware) to scoot over a little, squeezed into his chair in a way that put him into uncomfortably close contact with me? If I ridiculed him on my blog and he read it?

At this point, some of you may be scoffing, and shaking your heads, and saying “that is SO improbable, would you just get over yourself?”

And I say to you, oh unbelievers, stranger things have happened on the internet.

Once, about two years ago, I found myself in a coffee shop. In a slightly embarassing interpersonal moment. One of those moments when you’d rather not have been in public. One of those moments when you know that if you were in the shoes of the person at the next table, you would be eavesdropping and later telling your friends about this embarassing moment you were privileged to witness.

Only the person at the table next to me? Who I knew was listening? She didn’t just tell her friends. She told the internet. (A really great little part of the internet, actually, that I encourage you to visit. The link isn’t to my embarassing moment. Don’t worry/get your hopes up.) In the release notes for a book, she mentioned the conversation she’d just overheard. And me? I happened to come across it the very next day. The very first time I went to that website. Because I wondered “were any books released yesterday at the coffee shop I went to?” And the answer was yes.

Which, of course, because it was so funny, led to me having to tell the story of my embarassing moment about 2,000 times. So watch out.