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I realized today that I’ve got my nose in three different Newberys, and only one intentionally. One I finished up with today, one I’m listening to in the car, and the other I’m almost done with. I didn’t plan it like this, really. I also purchased a copy of this little gem.

I had a fantastically bizarre customer run-in at work today. I’m sad that I can’t blog about it in detail. Suffice it to say, it involved the customer making an unnecessary trip to visit us, me trying to make sure things were okay with what had happened earlier in the day, him saying “no comment.” And then “you owe me a big apology” (both in a very quiet voice) as he backed out the door. The other customer who witnessed this agreed with me that the man was a little crazy. Because nothing was wrong! Other than him making this trip! Which he needn’t have made if he were a more observant person! And he had what he needed! Everything was okay! Oh, people.

I should start saying “no comment” more often.

For any inquisitive readers, it ended up being pancakes. With strawberries and Nutella. I have leftovers for tomorrow, thank goodness.

I was making myself a cup of tea a little earlier. Sometimes a solitary cup of decaf creme caramel is delightful, and sometimes the act of preparing tea just screams out for a fellow tea fiend to be wringing out tea bags thoroughly for.

The Motorcycle Diaries is on its way to us via Netflix. I have this recurring conversation with my family about this movie, and who it’s about, and twice (twice!) I’ve had to pull out the G volume of the 1994 World Book Encyclopedia to show my parents who it’s about. It’s not like I know anything about him myself (the article was quite enlightening) but I at least recognize the name! But once, that was excusable. The second time? It was just plain crazy.

I just sang to myself “tomorrow’s Friday!” Which, when you think about it, is crazy (I’m guilty, too) because to strangely-scheduled me, Friday is just the gateway into a weekend of work. But I’m okay with that. It’s good work. And Friday still has that allure…

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