You know, I didn’t really want to use my blog to talk about private, emotional stuff. I was going to avoid all the sappiness and heartbreak and general goo. But blog people? I’m in love. And I have to tell you about it. I hinted at it yesterday.

I want your advice, though. I’m a little out of practice with this whole “relationship” thing.

First, can I commit to this? Am I sure this is the one? I haven’t really, you know, shopped around. Can I be sure?

This will only work if I stay in Portland forever. I love Portland, but someday I might want a bigger place to live, and the relationship just won’t work if I move out of this apartment. Is it worth the commitment?

And my lover?* A little cheerful. I’m worried that on those sad days that come to all of us, that I won’t be able to get the support I need. That all I’ll get is damn optimism and perkiness. I can’t take that all the time. I need a little sarcasm, and some tears, and you know, a range of emotions. Is that asking too much?

But I smile whenever we’re together. My heart sings. The relationship is such a beautiful addition to my life. I’ve put a lot of work into it already. My roommate is supportive of the relationship. Everyone I’ve told about it so far is supportive, and can’t wait to see us together with their own eyes.

Dear readers, I’m in love with our walls. Our beautiful painted walls.

*Thanks, Lis. I think of you every time I see this word.