It’s hot. So hot that I need to get this laptop off my lap so it will stop venting hot air at me. Sheesh. Who came up with a laptop that heats up your lap?? (Kindly forget how I loved this feature when it was cold out.)

Today, I was getting dressed (for work – I get dressed approximately 3 times per day) and I thought to myself, “Self, today you’re going to find the ugliest piece of clothing in your entire wardrobe and put it on.” And I did! It was so ugly it involved digging through the “I never wear this but can’t throw it away” box. And then I wore it to work!

At my job, there are the people who wear shorts year round. And there are the people who wear them occasionally when it’s nice out. And there are the people like me (and a few others) who groan on hot days and reluctantly show our glowing white legs to the world. And it’s not so much the white legs as the shorts – legs – white socks – black shoes look. Such the classic look.

PS I cheated and wore not-black shoes. Because I couldn’t handle it. But black shoes are regulation. If you wear pants, the socks have to be black. Shorts are worn with white socks.