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I just did a load of laundry and used the new detergent I bought yesterday (really, I need to start buying the natural kind again, I’ve gotten in a bad rut, this stuff freaks me out). As I pulled the sheets from the washer to the dryer, I thought “this smells familiar.” And then it hit me. Its “original fresh” scent smells exactly like the stuff we bought at Lidl’s in Galway. Whoa. That was four-freaking-years ago. Talk about useless knowledge.

I do this thing where I’ll wake up fairly early*, like 7:30, and think “oh my gosh** this is so early! Good for me!” and I’ll lay in bed thinking of all the things I can get done. Especially today, while it’s still cool out and I’ve got cleaning ‘n stuff*** to do. But no! God forbid I actually do those things in that extra time. No, I use that time to:

1. Write in my notebook. Entirely admirable, but does it make the bathroom cleaner?
2. Check email. Communication is good, but does it get the sheets washed?
3. Blog. For the love of God, blogging does not remove strange odors from the kitchen.
4. Eat breakfast. Entirely mandatory, but it doesn’t result in me being clean and ready to face the day like, say, a shower would.

I have, to my credit, started a load of laundry. I tidied my room. A little. And I’ve maintained my sanity by doing all 4 things.

Okay, to work!

*Considering my job doesn’t require my presence until 3 o’clock in the pm.
**As Q would say.
***Footnote day! Do you remember where that came from, Bee? The whole “love ‘n stuff” thing?

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