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I had zero desire to blog this weekend. It was a little odd. I think because I was constantly in the company of at least one more person. Usually three more people. And it was good. I’ve known these girls for almost six years. I met Toni & Lis when I got off work Friday at Cup & Saucer for dinner. I walked in wearing my work uniform (aka, the ugliest piece of clothing in my wardrobe) and as soon as T & L saw me they just cracked up, and I cracked up, and I’m not sure what was so funny. But our conversation had nothing to do with catching up on the details of each other’s lives (even though some catching up was in order) and everything to do with just being friends having dinner together. We split 3 dishes in exact thirds and talked a lot about Little House in the Big Woods and fractions and laughed a lot. And on Saturday we picked up Laurel at the airport and we all just did our thing. Lots of laughing, and ice cream, and stuff like that.

I’m not feeling particularly eloquent at the moment. I’ll come back later with, I don’t know, something. The pictures below are from this morning, right before everyone left.

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