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One of my library coworkers and I own the same shirt, similar to this one but in bright green. So far we’ve avoided wearing it on the same day, but we both love the shirt and wear it a lot. We live within a few blocks of each other, shop at the same Columbia outlet, work at the same place, and go to Grand Central Bakery a lot. This morning I was walking to the grocery store, wearing my stripey green shirt, and I spotted Sarah going into Grand Central.

We wave, and she says, “I was thinking about wearing that shirt today.”

“I was hoping weren’t going to wear it, too,” I say.

“Now I won’t!” she says, laughing, and walks into Grand Central.

Have I mentioned how many people I run into on that street? So many. I see coworkers from both jobs, people from church, people from college, professors that I just had dreams about running into, and even old bosses that I would prefer to never see again, but who live only blocks away.

At 8:30 every morning this week (and maybe last week, too) a troupe of kids walks past my window, maybe 10 feet from where I sit. They’re all elementary aged, and there are 3 maybe college aged people with them. In a while, they’ll all walk back, and most of the kids will have wet hair.

My theory: they’re from the Catholic school down the street on a summer day-camp or in daycare, and they’re all signed up for swimming lessons at the pool, down the street in the other direction.

1) the kids are really noisy, which is great. This morning someone was growling.
2) yesterday, on the trip back, one kid stopped to attempt to dismantle a spiderweb hanging from the tree outside my window. Then he saw me and scurried away.
3) the supervisors look exhausted, from some combination of minding such a herd and partying the night before, perhaps?
4) that’s a lot of kids to keep an eye on.

In other news, I feel lazy this morning. I haven’t even managed to eat breakfast in the 45 minutes I’ve been up, just a cup of earl grey. I’ve been trying to run for at least 20 minutes in the mornings, but when work is insanely busy and involves running to and fro from 5 till 7 pm, while the line of customers stretches out the door? (And the door keeps beeping because customers are standing too close to it (God knows why) and we keep saying “could you please move forward & away from the door” and no one listens to you. But my favorite moment of the night was when my coworker was trying to get the attention of the next person in line, who was on his cell phone & not paying attention, so my coworker says “I’ll help you when you’re done with your call” and motions the next, alert & rabid person forward. I believe that customer got, as one might say, his comeuppance.) I lose the will to run in the mornings after nights like that. At least this morning.

I found this little magazine in a bunch of stuff my parents unearthed while cleaning out the family room. Ah, cults. Gotta love ’em. This is what I was born into. Posted by Hello

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I know, it’s only been two days since I posted. But for me, that feels like I Haven’t Been Writing Enough. I also haven’t been writing much in my notebook, except for last night when I wrote a rambly response to something I read. Boring.

It’s 11:30 and I have no idea how that happened. I got up before 9, and while I sat at the kitchen table sending about 2,000 emails to Town, time whooshed by in a huge wave and knocked me over.

I don’t have much of interest to say, so let’s resort to listing, shall we?

1. I have embarrassing stories about Katy.
2. I’m addicted to mango body butter.
3. Yesterday I was at the library, working the counter and checking for expired holds, and I said “It smells like it’s raining.” And I looked out the window, and it was. I love that smell.
4. The longest days of the year are squandering themselves on clouds and rain. I love rain, but I also love long sunny days. Let’s strike some balance, shall we?
5. There are fresh raspberries and blueberries in my fridge. I’m in love. I’m going to pick more if it ever stops raining this week.
6. Nothing says “thank you, dear godmother, for your kind late-birthday gift of pink stripes” like ripping the dress out of your mother’s hands as she tries to get you to say “thank you” and attempting to pull off your clothes to try it on right there in the parking lot. I’ll take that over a simple “thank you” any day.

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In celebration of the Two Year Anniversary of Me & My Car, today’s Field Trip was to the DEQ. I have conflicting feelings about the DEQ.

On one hand, clean air! I like cleaner air! You can breathe, and the sky is clearer, and the water is cleaner, and people are happy! And the earth sings a little song of joy!

On the other hand, there’s the nervous tension. Will my car pass? Crap. The car in front of me didn’t pass. I bet mine won’t either. I hope I don’t burst into tears when they tell me. Oh please God, don’t let me cry at the DEQ.

And the $75 fee.

I force myself to think happy, clean air thoughts. I write in my notebook while I wait, coffee-jittery hands clutching my pen. Note to self: healthfulness of oatmeal does not outweigh an overdose of caffeine. You will be jittery. You also might still think that going to Starbucks and using your gift card is a good idea. Make yourself come home and eat lunch first. Good girl.

In spite of having owned a car since I was sixteen, this is only my second trip to the DEQ ever. You might think, based on that sentence, that I have 1) rich parents who bought me a car and 2) parents who took the car to the DEQ for poor little unmechanical me. But you would be dead wrong.

My parents did buy me a car. That part is true. They spent approximately $200 on it. It was a ’68 Dodge Coronet but deep down it was a Big Blue Boat. Being made before 1975, it did not need to pass DEQ. And I spent 6 blissful years driving it without ever encountering the DEQ. And then I grew up. And got a car made in my lifetime. (For the record, the goal with my next car is to have one that was made since I started driving – ie, since 1997.)

The features of my Big Blue Boat included, but were not limited to: an AM radio, wing windows, plastic seats, 2 doors, about 1,000 square feet of leg room, turn signal lights on the corners of the hood, a leaky gas tank, and a trunk that both leaked & could be napped on when shut. I was rear-ended twice and the only damage was a little paint scraped off. You could have killed someone with one of the doors. It looked the same dirty or clean.

Sometimes I see old cars driving down the street and I miss my boat.

Except when it’s really hot and I’m driving around with the AC on and listening to a CD, a tape, or FM radio while using gas efficiently. In a car the passed the DEQ test.

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