The other night I was a dinner guest at Bee & Soph’s parents’ (which is always just odd without Bee & Soph there, but with random things still there like a rubber duckie in the bath – whose is that?) and so was another Jess. Let me tell you, if you’re not used to being around someone with the same name, or a similar name, it could drive you crazy. I don’t really interact with other people who go by Jess very often. Not on purpose or anything, but I just don’t know any.

We had coffee instead of tea after dinner (which is a sure sign that B & S weren’t there). So Theresa asks Fr. M to check the half & half and see if it’s still good. He smells it, and Jesse smells it, and they both pronounce it good. “What’s the expiration date?” I ask. “I never look at the date,” Fr. M says. “I just use my nose.” So we all sit down and Theresa puts some in her decaf and says, “it separated.” So she pours out the h&h and gets the milk. And I drank just milk in my coffee. And it was good. Usually I don’t like that. Katy has turned me into a cream fiend, but it was good. Of course, we were having ice cream with it so I was still getting my ration of cream for the day.

Do you like how that story didn’t really have a point? Just some observations.

So I didn’t really take pictures over the weekend, but I’ve been thinking about what things I would want pictures of. Not possible pictures, but imaginary pictures:

1. Laurel, Toni & on the swings in the park. We left cripple Lis to read her book & went for a walk, and when we got to the park we went on the teeter-totter (is there a more official name for that? See-saw? They’re all goofy), the merry-go-round (where you push each other), the slide (just Laurel) and the swings. We went so high it looked like we’d go over the top, or brush our toes on the trees. And those are tall trees. I’d like a picture of that.

2. The view from the sidewalk at night, when the blinds are still open and we’re all in the living room.

3. The house when we were all snug in our beds, talking, half-asleep.

PS I baked pumpkin bread this morning. Come over and have some.