I know, it’s only been two days since I posted. But for me, that feels like I Haven’t Been Writing Enough. I also haven’t been writing much in my notebook, except for last night when I wrote a rambly response to something I read. Boring.

It’s 11:30 and I have no idea how that happened. I got up before 9, and while I sat at the kitchen table sending about 2,000 emails to Town, time whooshed by in a huge wave and knocked me over.

I don’t have much of interest to say, so let’s resort to listing, shall we?

1. I have embarrassing stories about Katy.
2. I’m addicted to mango body butter.
3. Yesterday I was at the library, working the counter and checking for expired holds, and I said “It smells like it’s raining.” And I looked out the window, and it was. I love that smell.
4. The longest days of the year are squandering themselves on clouds and rain. I love rain, but I also love long sunny days. Let’s strike some balance, shall we?
5. There are fresh raspberries and blueberries in my fridge. I’m in love. I’m going to pick more if it ever stops raining this week.
6. Nothing says “thank you, dear godmother, for your kind late-birthday gift of pink stripes” like ripping the dress out of your mother’s hands as she tries to get you to say “thank you” and attempting to pull off your clothes to try it on right there in the parking lot. I’ll take that over a simple “thank you” any day.