At 8:30 every morning this week (and maybe last week, too) a troupe of kids walks past my window, maybe 10 feet from where I sit. They’re all elementary aged, and there are 3 maybe college aged people with them. In a while, they’ll all walk back, and most of the kids will have wet hair.

My theory: they’re from the Catholic school down the street on a summer day-camp or in daycare, and they’re all signed up for swimming lessons at the pool, down the street in the other direction.

1) the kids are really noisy, which is great. This morning someone was growling.
2) yesterday, on the trip back, one kid stopped to attempt to dismantle a spiderweb hanging from the tree outside my window. Then he saw me and scurried away.
3) the supervisors look exhausted, from some combination of minding such a herd and partying the night before, perhaps?
4) that’s a lot of kids to keep an eye on.

In other news, I feel lazy this morning. I haven’t even managed to eat breakfast in the 45 minutes I’ve been up, just a cup of earl grey. I’ve been trying to run for at least 20 minutes in the mornings, but when work is insanely busy and involves running to and fro from 5 till 7 pm, while the line of customers stretches out the door? (And the door keeps beeping because customers are standing too close to it (God knows why) and we keep saying “could you please move forward & away from the door” and no one listens to you. But my favorite moment of the night was when my coworker was trying to get the attention of the next person in line, who was on his cell phone & not paying attention, so my coworker says “I’ll help you when you’re done with your call” and motions the next, alert & rabid person forward. I believe that customer got, as one might say, his comeuppance.) I lose the will to run in the mornings after nights like that. At least this morning.