One of my library coworkers and I own the same shirt, similar to this one but in bright green. So far we’ve avoided wearing it on the same day, but we both love the shirt and wear it a lot. We live within a few blocks of each other, shop at the same Columbia outlet, work at the same place, and go to Grand Central Bakery a lot. This morning I was walking to the grocery store, wearing my stripey green shirt, and I spotted Sarah going into Grand Central.

We wave, and she says, “I was thinking about wearing that shirt today.”

“I was hoping weren’t going to wear it, too,” I say.

“Now I won’t!” she says, laughing, and walks into Grand Central.

Have I mentioned how many people I run into on that street? So many. I see coworkers from both jobs, people from church, people from college, professors that I just had dreams about running into, and even old bosses that I would prefer to never see again, but who live only blocks away.