I participated in an illegal activity yesterday. I feel no guilt. I will not be turning myself in.

So there’s this book? That’s coming out this weekend? And it’s a really big deal to a lot of people? And there are about 850 who have it on hold in our county library system? You know the one I’m talking about? The-Book-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, (TBTSNBN) let’s call it for the sake of googlers and, um, publishers with legal injunctions on their minds.

Yesterday, it arrived. Our 15 copies were escorted to the children’s library by our supervisor. The box with “TBTSNBN” in large, bright letters was draped with a cloth. When it quieted down for the evening, J and I took them out. I property stamped them. And then, gentle reader, while story time lured patrons to the other side of the room, I read.

It’s like candy, and I have a huge sweet tooth.

Unfortunately (or fortunately) no juicy details were reached, no main characters were reached, and there shall be no spilling of such details online. But yes, I’m a criminal.