This morning’s winning conversation topic (I’m thinking of carrying little awards to hand out or something…?) was with Bronwen. The topic of frittering came up. As in, frittering away one’s time doing ex, why and zee. And she said she liked the word fritter. “I love verbs that are also desserts.”

Which got us thinking. Verbs that are also desserts…we made the following list:


And then we went to Grand Central. And while we were in line, we admired the blueberry tarts.

“Tart is an adjective and a dessert,” said I.
“It’s a verb, too! ‘Tart yourself up!'” said Bee.
“Yes!” said I.

And then we laughed at our unreasonable enthusiasm for tarting oneself up. And so go the days…


Okay, does anyone else talk to books while they’re reading? Katy and Keith like to laugh at me when I do this. It’s like a little conversation.

Book: Intriguing thing happens.
Me: Oh.

Book: Amusing moment.
Me: Hahaha.

Book: Revelation.
Me: So that’s why he…

We’re pretty good friends, Book and I. I’ve been spending an awful lot more time with Book than Computer. Book is very supportive and portable and fictional. Computer gets weary on long outings. Book calls out to me.

Oh shit. Now I doubt. Is it Book and I or Book and Me? It’s Book and Me. Disregard previous bad grammar. Want to know how I made sure? I thought of this book, which I’ve never read. But all titles are there somewhere in my brain.