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I don’t sleep in anymore. I lost my ability to sleep in, so I claim, upon graduating with a BA. I can keep strange hours, and be lazy, but I can’t really sleep more than 8 hours, or 9 tops. Sometimes I cheerfully wake up with less than that (although not too cheerfully).

This morning I woke up at 10am.

After going to bed around 11:30pm.

Okay, on to more interesting topics. Does anyone else out there just absolutely love Trina Schart Hyman’s illustrations? I think I first ran across her in…great. She’s dead. Died in November. I hate it when you find out things like that.

Anyway, I first saw her illustrations in Caddie Woodlawn. I also had a strange fondness for this book as a teen. The picture of the house alone was enough for me. I’ve always been able to spot her illustrations from a great distance – the earnest girls with their hair billowing, the fairy tale forests…Last night at the library I was shelving fairy tales and saw her version of Sleeping Beauty, which I had to stop and read, sitting on the floor in the 398’s.

I adored fairy tales as a child. One of my early memories is acting out Rumpelstiltskin with my mom. I devoured most of Andrew Lang’s fairy books. And then, I stopped liking fairy tales. Probably around the same time I stopped reading only fantasy and historical fiction and starting reading contemporary fiction. High school/college? A few months ago I picked up a book about the Grimm Brothers, talking about all the women they gathered stories from, and suddenly fairy tales sounded fascinating again.

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