First of all, I’m listening to Daughter of Time thanks to the reminder of its loveliness from Babel. It is, to use someone else’s words, “excessively diverting.” I read it years ago but now I get so much more of it. Plus, now I’ve been here! But it’s the mind that fascinates me – Josephine Tey’s, and her characters’, and the way I feel that this is all really happening, and the book is completely engrossing without me really caring at all where the story goes (because I’ve forgotten). But when you’ve got Derek Jacobi’s long in-drawn breath at the beginning of each chapter, and a bed-bound detective with a fascination with faces, and some history, you know it’ll be good.

Next, this link (stolen from above) has me cracking up this morning. Who knew history could be so funny? And who knew that I was born on the day Richard III died? Or that history could be so funny? Not the dying part, because I’ve just read this and have quite a vivid picture of medieval battle, thank you very much, but because every August, the Richard III Society places newspaper death notices for “Plantaganet, Richard.” What IS it with Richard III? Do people simply need more to distract them?

Apparently I do, given the amount of time I’ve devoted to providing links on the subject.