Hi there.

Yesterday I was at the library, checking mended books to make sure the pages aren’t falling out anymore, and I got totally distracted by this big illustrated book about the Hindenburg. I realized that I knew nothing about the Hindenburg, so I started reading, and pointing things out to my coworker (like the tiny tiny portion of it that was actually inhabited by passengers, and the fact that they keep referring to things like “the 1937 flying season” – how posh!) and then looked at the clock and saw that I was late for my desk stint. Such was the fascination with the Hindenburg.

Today I went looking for a plain white t-shirt. You know, an all-purpose white shirt that goes with everything. But the shirts? They are all see through. Incredibly see through. Every detail of my bra. What’s up with that? Can anyone explain it, or tell me where to find a regular shirt?

I’m watching Six Feet Under while I type this. You know a new season came out if I’m watching something during the day. Also, I’m eating some birthday cake leftover from my 4th cake. Four birthday cakes! This is the life. Thanks to having two jobs, I get two work birthday cakes.