I have this great desire to write a sparkling something. The kind of something where later I’ll look back and think “that was a lovely moment that I captured.” I have a feeling that is not what this will be. Those things always happen when you least expect it.

Time is stretching out in front of me strangely these days. All that end of summer stuff. Friends coming and going, life, death, blah blah etc. I’ll have the apartment to myself for a week, then I’ll be gone for almost a week. Katy and I really will be keeping up with each other on our blogs.

My week away is a combination business trip (doesn’t that make it sound classy?) and vacation. I’m going to something called “trace school.” It has nothing to do with pencils and tracing paper and everything to do with the job I don’t talk about. As luck would have it, this “business trip” is taking me very near where Lis owns a home. Did you know I’m friends with people who own homes? I am. Several. But I’ve never seen hers, even though she only lives 3 hours away.

Then Lis, Toni and I will fly to San Francisco together, all in a little row on the plane, and it will be 6:00 am and we will be very tired. And Laurel, hopefully taking her phone with her this time, will pick us up. And we will gab, and laugh, and eat lots of ice cream – all those things that college roommates are supposed to do when they reunite.

I have the house to myself now. And it’s raining, and I have a cup of coffee on the table next to me. And we engaged in a heroic fit of cleaning last night, so there are oodles of clean surfaces and stretches of floor unhindered by crumb or dust. Katy and I also did one of those closet cleanouts where half the stuff goes in the Goodwill bag and the other half is given to your roommate. I got a couple of skirts and Katy got a pair of black pants that I’ve never worn and don’t know why I bought. I need to run around and take some pictures. I’ll be back later. You can expect a lot more in the way of babbly posts from me, now that there’s no one around to talk to.