I just had the urge to compose a blog entry to the tune of a Cake song. You know, with all the funny emphasis on words? Not so much actual tunes or melodies. I was never terribly musical.

Yesterday I cleaned out my Sunday School classroom. In preparation for my third year of dwelling therein for an hour each Sunday morning. I removed staples from the wall with my bare fingers (I have had hankerings lately for my own spiffy staple remover, and I hope that they shall shortly come to fruition), I scrubbed glue and grime from low tables, I moved the heaps of random furniture that are fruitful and multiply whenever I turn my back…Seriously, what’s up with the furniture? Each week last year I’d find something new dumped in my classroom. An ugly particle board shelf. Random pieces of wood. Mismatched chairs that don’t fit at the table, and besides I already have approximately 25 tiny child chairs! For a class of 10, tops! Stop already with the furniture! I moved it all to the back corner, next to a cat-door sized opening labeled “emergency fire hatch.” If there IS a fire again, I’d prefer to take the stairs or toss students from the window, rather than stuff them through a cat-sized hatch, thank you very much.

I also emerged from the cleaning session with a large & mysterious scratch on my arm – my annual cleaning dues, I suppose. Last year I emerged with blisters from sharpening pencils (don’t ask) but that was my own fault.

And now, off to work!