Oh my goodness, do you have any idea how many ugly dresses there are in the world? I mean, I always knew there were lots of ugly dresses, and that bridesmaids’ dresses were notoriously ugly, but try walking into the formal section of any department store. Come on, I dare you. Or rather, if you’re concerned for your mental well-being – don’t. The dresses? They are ugly.

In other news, I’ve been browsing through Target’s guide to throwing a “fabulous” bridal shower. Things like “one month ahead, rent catering equipment.” My favorite item, though, is day of: “pour yourself a drink!” Yes please!

Internets, I have a confession – I find this all fascinating. Like a sociological study. I may pretend to whine, and as it gets closer I may indeed whine, but right now, it’s pure entertainment.

And oh my goodness, I just had a Coffee People milkshake way too fast and the caffeine is coursing through my veins. The caffeine and the sugar. And I am off to do a spa party. Fueled by caffeine and sugar!

Please continue the Anne/Emily & Teddy/Dean conversations – they are most enjoyable. I always sympathized with Emily more than Anne, but I never found her relationship as satisfying to read about. But her italics? Oh, I loved her italics.