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like highlights magazine always asked, what’s wrong with this picture? Posted by Picasa

the whole shebang. scalp and hand massage included. Posted by Picasa

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half-view taken in hall mirror Posted by Picasa

I’m amusing myself and my new haircut by looking through my sitemeter reports. Where people are. Where they came from. Trying to figure out who they are. I had hits from Athens, Greece and Athens, Ohio yesterday. And someone from Casablanca who pulled up pictures of Q. Casablanca! It’s very unnerving when you can see what company someone works for. Which makes me think about when I used to read blogs at work. Bad! Very bad! I don’t anymore. But people could see where I worked.

Book updates, since you’re all dying to know: I read Persepolis, which I now take the liberty of recommending to you. I’m easily fascinated by foreign parts lately, as a armchair traveler. I read The Star of Kazan and wanted to go to Vienna. I read The Historian and wanted to go to Hungary (actually, I’ve wanted to go to Hungary ever since I read The Good Master as a child). Now Persepolis and…well, I don’t know if I want to go to Iran, but it sounds fascinating.

I stumbled across something called Self Portrait Tuesday a few weeks ago. Today I was snapping pictures of my new haircut and realized, hey, it’s Tuesday. Why not start now. We’ll also have a variety of other photos for your amusement.

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