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It’s nearly midnight and I find myself googling scurvy. I’m not sure how I got to this point, but I know now that it’s past time for bed.

The arch. Remember all those Lewis & Clark photos back in August? Here’s the other end of their trip.  Posted by Picasa

If my memory serves me, this was the first bridge across the Mississippi. Posted by Picasa

The freakishly flat drive from St. Louis to Peoria.  Posted by Picasa

Clara Jane ponders the mysteries of the universe as we set off to Illinois Posted by Picasa

Connor hams it up when the girls come over to play. Posted by Picasa

Linnea sports some awesome bed-head after a nap. Posted by Picasa

Kara and I do the blogger-photo thing Posted by Picasa

Oscar flew across the Atlantic for his first hog roast. Posted by Picasa

Well, I’m back. I really should’ve blogged from Cyn’s yesterday, when my wrath towards American Airlines was at its peak, but American Airlines had already made us all late for brunch. Did I mention yet that I hate American Airlines?* Cause I do.

*In the interests of fairness, I must say that all American Airlines employees that I encountered in person were lovely people. And they did end up getting me home in the end, so I can’t hate them too much.

Here’s my American Airlines story, and then we’ll move on to happier topics, like becoming a deity, pork and beans, Stacey’s habit of stashing extra cans of beer in her pockets, elf ears, eye rolling, and the fact that the first thing I did this morning was make a cup of Earl Gray, courtesy of Sal, and pull my laptop into bed with me.

Why I Hate American Airlines
by jessmonster

I was flying standby, a situation which basically doesn’t give you any rights as a flyer. I knew that from the start, but I was expecting just your garden variety politeness from the airline. I’ve flown standby with my beautiful friends at Southwest several times, and they’ve been incredibly friendly. The reps at the interline number always go out of their way to check all possible connections and make sure I have as much information as I need.

I called American Airlines early last week to put myself on the list for standby. The very curt American rep said that the 6:30 pm flight from Peoria through Dallas had the best availability, and she put me on the list. She was about to hang up when I said, “Do I get a confirmation number??” I ALWAYS want a confirmation number because I never trust anyone to spell my last name correctly and find me in the system again. She begrudgingly gave me one.

On Sunday morning, before our group headed out for brunch (right after Beege and Linnea hightailed it home) I called to confirm that I was on the list and that it was still the best flight.

By some miracle, I got the one polite phone rep hired by American Airlines. Turns out I’d been given my confirmation number wrong. And that I’d been listed for a 6:30 AM flight, not pm. A flight which had, of course, already left. She was just starting to help me figure out other flight options, when we got cut off. Um, thanks.

I call back. I hold for several minutes. I say that I just called and was cut off. The new rep very impatiently puts me down for a flight. She says it has poor availability. I ask, “how many seats does that mean?” She says, “I can’t give out that information.” (But Southwest, my usual buddies, CAN tell me? Sure.)

I ask, “Is there anything that can be done since I was given misinformation?” She says, “No, you’re only flying standby, there’s nothing I can do.”

“I understand I’m flying standby and can’t be given a definite seat, but I was basically just bumped down to the bottom of the standby list because someone at this number told me the wrong information. I’m just wondering if there’s anything else you can do since I called last week.”

Just because my ticket was cheap doesn’t mean you can lie and get away with it, right? A lot of businesses will often do things for you if you just ask. If you don’t bother to ask, nothing can be done. Can’t hurt, right?

Want to know what she said?

“I’m going to end this call now. You can’t talk to me like that.”

Everyone who was listening on my end literally gasped when I hung up the phone and told them.

I work in customer service. I know that customers can get pretty nasty on the phone. I regularly hear a coworker end calls to foul-mouthed customers with, “alright sir, I’m going to terminate this call.” But those are people who are cussing her out and yelling. I may be the jessmonster, but I don’t have it in me to be rude on the phone.

I was SO pissed off. Throw in a little PMS and saying goodbye to a bunch of people and I was a little bit of a wreck when everyone saw me at brunch yesterday. But then, as Cyn and her mom and Kara will tell you, I drank a ton of coffee and got a little crazy and energetic and wouldn’t stop talking. And Cyn said, “You’re not as quiet as I’d expected.”

To be continued…

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