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The bad guys smell of garlic and onions? Is that so horrible? Implied racism aside (“their white eyes flashing dreadfully in their brown faces”), Jack, are you out of your mind? I love you, you know. But really – onions and garlic are good. It is perhaps not good to reek of them, but they are quite tasty and season meals in a lovely fashion. Good meals begin with garlic and onion.

(I am referring to The Last Battle, Chapter 3. Page 25 in the 1970 paperback edition.)


See, Babelbabe? You’re not the only one who’s obsessed. Posted by Picasa


This is a crappy self portrait. My camera battery ran out right after I took this fuzzy specimen. However, it does beautifully illustrate the November “identity” theme. In case you can’t tell, it’s a library. Not my library, but one that I walk past occasionally. Sometimes I even check out things if we don’t have them in my county. And that red blob, sort of towards the middle of the picture? That’s my hat. I could make up some nonsense about how the reflection makes it almost look like I’m in the library, and about how I belong in a library. Just shelve me with the novels, please, and I’ll rest easyPosted by Picasa

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I came back from a walk about half an hour ago, and thanks to a reheated cup of coffee (Holiday Blend is back!) a plate of leftover rosemary & thyme potatoes and a bowl butternut squash soup, my fingers have just about thawed out.

I walked through the Sellwood Park and down into the Oaks Bottom Wildlife Refuge and occupied my mind with thoughts of Lantern Waste and bad puns about the wildlife refuge – things like “she took refuge in the” …oh never mind.

I thought it was cold last week, but it really hit this week. Last week I went to the park with some toddlers and I don’t even think I wore a scarf. Today I went out to check the temperature – and then put on my black wool coat (instead of the lovely red wool coat which now seems impossibly light compared to the black one), a scarf, a hideous fleece cap, and thinsulated gloves.

You know that feeling when you’ve been walking in the cold, all brisk to keep yourself warm, and you stop to admire a view and can feel each blood cell moving s l o w l y through your fingers? When the movement distracted you before, but now you just feel your body reacting to the cold? I love it. And then I turned around and walked uphill and my legs cried out with joy. Exercise! Cold! Heavy coats!

Sal tagged me ages ago, and wretch that I am, I just noticed.

7 celebrity crushes: (in my world, “celebrity” means a book character)
Mr. Darcy
Gilbert Blythe
Lord Peter
the guy in The Blue Sword – can’t remember his name
Calvin O’Keefe

7 Things I’m good at:
Proof-reading (although not my own writing)
Recommending books
Dancing (as in, learning steps and keeping time – not this crazy modern stuff)
Getting along with all kinds of people

7 things I plan to do before I die:
Go back to a lot of places I’ve loved – especially the British Isles
Take a road trip
Write a book, even if it’s horrible
Become a librarian
Read a gazillion books
Write a bazillion letters

7 things I cannot do:
grocery shop and actually buy what I need for meals
make a pie crust to my liking
drive a stick shift
get out of bed when my alarm goes off
stop being sarcastic
play any sport

7 things that attract me to the opposite sex:
sense of humor

7 things I say often:
I need a cup of tea
I’ll be right back (at work)
Would you like to put it on hold? (at other work)
What should I bake?
various exclamations on the weather

I don’t know…you tell me? What DO I say often? I haven’t had any phrases that I’ve been aware of using a lot latey.


My sister. Back from New York. Posted by Picasa

Posted by Picasa This is pretty special, too. You can’t eat your sister for dessert, but you CAN eat a black bottom coconut cream pie.

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