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Well, I suppose I’ve been busy lately, although I’m not sure exactly what I’ve been doing. There was the trip to the zoo on Tuesday, with the small girl who demands elephants and hippos alternately and looks very serious with her hands in her pockets. Who am I kidding, she almost always looks serious. I wanted to laugh so badly when another small girl, maybe a year older, spotted her and rushed over with arms outstretched to hug her. Q was all “personal space?” and curly haired Sal was all “I am friendly! Hug me!” I admired Sal’s striped tights, but my sympathies lay with Q.

I also took a nice long walk through my neighborhood on Sunday, and I think I should start hanging out in this neighborhood more.

$10,000 reward, in case you can’t see it! The neighborhood is crazy pretentious, with all the streets named after schools (I’ll put more photos in later, but I’m off to the airport to pick up Laurel in a minute…) and all faux English and stuff. No front porches to speak of, disgustingly manicured lawns. Oh yes, and it borders the country club. I breathed a sigh of relief when I crossed the tracks (literally) back into Sellwood. But I don’t htink I have much of a chance of getting that reward – I think the neighborhood is on to me. I was caught taking pictures by a neighborhood busybody staring out her window. Oh well. I was never meant to be wealthy.

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