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What a weekend. Eep. I’m drained. I was talking to Katy* about how I hadn’t been alone, except in the car, from Friday to Sunday. That is killer to any introvert worth her salt. Not like I wasn’t enjoying all my socializing – first I had Laurel who I hadn’t seen since September, and then there was my sister returned from points east. Three months she’d been gone!

To recap (boring, please skip) I attended 2 brunch/lunch dates, a dinner & drinks, 10 1/2 hours of work, a spa party, an engagement party, Sunday School, church, and a family dinner.

So I’m telling her all this and she says, “Remember the slumber party we had at G’s?”

“Was that when she was obsessed with Brad Pitt? That was the first time I’d ever heard of him.”

“Probably. And G went with her mom to the store or something, and you said, ‘I just want to be back in my own bed on R– St.’** I’ve always thought of that as being one of those things that really sums you up.”

It probably does sum me up pretty well. A lot of Katy’s memories of me do. This weekend wasn’t so much about getting back to my own bed, but there is that introvert need to recharge.

*The Mrs. – although drat, they’ll both be Mrs. soon. See, the whole problem is that they’ve both always been Katy Lastname in our social circles, as though the whole thing is their first name. No one needs to use my last name when referring to me, but the Katys are different. And Katy – it just doesn’t come naturally to refer to her by her new last name. I still use her maiden name when referring to her. And roommate Katy, I’m sure the same thing will happen.

**Do you like how I did an initial and a dash? Very 19th century, isn’t it?


And! Today is the last day. The last day for milky eggy apple pancakes and cream in my coffee and lovely slices of bacon. For some reason I always dread the Advent fast a bit. Lent I usually embrace (more or less – I at least feel prepared) but during Advent and the cold weather, those comfort foods are just that much more tempting. The urge to eat up for the winter ahead. And is it just me or are there a freakish number of fish days on the calendar this year? I’m thinking sushi, lots of sushi.

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