I’m in denial about the fact that in a few short, precious minutes I have to pry myself out of my rocker (which is pulled up to my desk, naturally) and put on my uniform and go to work. (Technically, the rocker was inherited from my great-grandmother, Laura, who lived to the ripe age of perhaps 95 and died peacefully at home while her hair was being set. It’s an ugly brown rocker, and the underside of the cushion has a great quantity of cat hair, courtesy of Max, and someday it shall be reupholstered because it is exceedingly comfortable.)

My thrilling news of the week is this: I am going to be part of a mock Newbery committee! With librarians from around the state, and a member of the actual committee, and like the dorks that we are, we will sit around and discuss books and then vote! And I have about ten things on hold at the library that I need to read in the next two weeks, in order to be the fully informed person that I wish to be.

At work on Wednesday, my supervisor was talking about how she and the other children’s librarian are going to this mock Newbery, and I was asking all sorts of questions about it, and then she said, “You could probably come to if you want.” And lo, coincidence was in my favor and it is happening on the only day in January that I don’t have to work. And even though the library won’t pay me to go, like they’re paying the others, my supervisor is sponsoring me. Can everyone say “nerd” all at once, please?