If I could, I would write a little song about how I miss my laptop (which my brother is attempting to convince to check my email for me) and how instead I’ve turned to crossword puzzles as my new addictive activity. See, I’m housesitting. And their computer has a password (sob) and I don’t have my laptop to hook up to their wireless. Instead I have the newspaper that is delivered each day to their (formal) doorstep. I am taking lots of pictures which I would like to be sharing with you. I am being woken each morning by a cat, at which time I walk a couple of miles downstairs to the kitchen, feed him, take vegetables outside and let the rabbits out of their cage, come back in and try to decide which table to eat breakfast at. And then, which room should I sit in to do my crossword puzzle? And read Good Brother, Bad Brother?*

And here I am at home, retrieving a fresh supplies of clothings and checking my mail. And using my desktop, circa 1999. While a good year, it did not produce perhaps the best computers. This one, monitor barely hanging in there, is no longer just taking up space but is being put to use, oh the joy.

*Perhaps the most fascinating thing about the bio of the Booth brothers is the photographs. I’m getting all Inspector Grant here as I stare into the eyes of an assassin. J. Wilkes was apparently considered quite the looker in his day. Maybe it’s the mustache or the fact that I know he killed Lincoln, but he’s not doing anything for me. His brother Edwin, in contrast, has a fascinating face. And there’s a full page spread of all the accomplices to the assassination – another good study in faces, there.