Self Portrait Tuesday’s theme this month is tripping me up a little bit. It SOUNDS so easy. I just kept scrolling through all my pictures, finding nothing in particular to say about any of them. This one, though, says something to me because it wasn’t all that long ago. If this were part of the GRE, I would make some elaborate example about how I’ve changed in a short time, blah blah. That the small changes can be more potent than the big ones. But I can’t just say that because it’s sappy and I’m not. At least not here. Not often. But this picture, yes, does make me sappy happy. And kind of blows my mind because that tiny baby in the picture will have another tiny baby join the family. And in that time, what’s happened in my life? A whole lot of nothing, in the big picture (I graduated from college inbetween when Q was born and that picture was taken), but it’s all about the details. This morning I suffered through the GREs with the hopes of one day going to library school. And now my tiny glass of wine is proving overpowering and it’s time for me stop thinking. Happy Tuesday. Posted by Picasa