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I think I enjoy the process of baking more than the end result. Especially the way the buttermilk drips down the side of the measuring cup. And the beauty of a good buttercream frosting at ten in the am. Posted by Picasa

I promised blackbird pictures and then I ran off and baked a cake and made lunch and went to work and stayed up till midnight reading Behind the Scenes At the Museum (thanks for the recommendation, you know who). So here they are:

I picked our living room as my favorite room (doesn’t that sound like the beginning of a grade school essay?) It’s the biggest room in the apartment. It contains the couch, source of all comfort. And one of our two mango walls, which I never tire of.

Here is the basket where we keep blankets, hats, mittens, and anything else that gets dropped when we walk in the door. A more accurate picture would have shown that white blanket abandoned on the couch and my bag, water bottle, and book taking its place in the basket.

Here is our knitting corner.

Yes, that’s a gorilla on the couch. I’ve had that plant in the corner forever – it’s desperately in need of a new pot.

No photo-survey would be complete without the huge ass TV that inhabits our living room, courtesy of Keith. I included the chair next to it for perspective. Because, you know, we need to see Jack Bauer’s head larger than life.

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