I’ve noticed that I like to make elaborate schedules for things. If I have a lot to do the next day, I might decide that I’ll get up at 8, give myself an hour to shower & eat, run X, Y, and Z errands by ten, do an hour of letter writing, go for a walk, etc. Have it all mapped out. Then of course I get up at 9 and around 12 I start thinking about running errands.

I just found myself thinking, “maybe I should create a schedule for the type of books I read…one new children’s book, one nonfiction, one adult novel, one older children’s book…” Yeah right. I can’t keep to schedules like that. But, I did just finish an adult novel, a nonfiction, an older children’s book (well, two of them), and a new children’s book this week…Maybe I could, more or less, keep to a schedule like that. Oh, plus a book on tape at all times.

I finished Criss Cross this morning, while I skip church in favor of hacking up my lungs in the privacy of my own home. I am still going to work, where neither incense nor singing doth prevail. I snapped this picture yesterday – this is my “spot.” A more accurate picture would have one of those carts piled high with books and videos. This is where I sit and sort through things and chat with whoever is sitting at the desk.

There’s also a work table to the right where I cover books and such. In the back corner is a lovely little cubby that I squeeze into when I work on the computer. You have to pull the chair out, sit, and propel yourself forward to reach the keyboard, because the door on the left won’t open out any further, and there’s a fold-down table on the right. It’s a tight fit.