It’s a good thing I like tea, because I’m living off of it. (Well, that and the cheese danish I just got at Grand Central and the sandwich and the oatmeal…) I think I’ve had four cups today. I just put the kettle on again. I guess that’s not too many, but when I have a cup it’s because oh my God, I need a cup of tea. I haven’t quite reached the ‘I wish I had a teabag in my throat’* stage, but I do frequently feel like I just might die if I don’t get something hot and warm in my throat NOW.

*Once uttered during a particularly wretched sore throat phase. The funny thing is that I can’t remember if I said it or if someone else said it…at one point I had three very similar remarks about tea on little scraps of paper taped to my tea cupboard. It might have been Lis, Bee, or me, but it really doesn’t matter because I feel like I experienced it.